I apologize if I’m ever a jerk. Sometimes I get caught up in this never ending mission to perfectly orchestrate the largest fitness operation possible to man while juggling the stresses of a small business and the financial restraints that we undoubtably suffer in this unforsaken service industry where people often take us and our services for granted ALL WHILE consistently  maintaining the perspective that all of our efforts are for the betterment of OUR community and the wants needs and desires of our clients and their results BUT somehow I still manage to forget often in the mix that the most valuable trait that I can possibly possess is how I treat people. 

If I do anything, I’m doing it 100% 

How you do anything is how you do everything. Words to live by. As a coach one of the most difficult things for me to comprehend is lack of commitment. You put in half the work you get half the results. That is pretty cut and dry. I understand bad days, but consistent bad days just doesn’t make sense to me. Especially when you are in direct control of your own perspective. Your life sucks, change it! Everything is too hard for you, toughen up! You can do it!!!! This day in age everyone wants to bash the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality. I agree, it’s the worse. Common sense prevails against a big tie. In my gym daily I see people who are entirely turned off by or against the competitive mentality of our program or the “seriousness” of it, if you will. As a coach, common sense prevails against that. I mean…yes…it is cute to just show up and go through the motions. Everybody finishes…high fives! We had fun. You know what’s real fun, being ripped when you take your clothes off. It’s fun being confident in who you are. It’s fun not being insecure with yourself and your abilities. The ones who really see the most change are the ones in here competing their asses off daily. The ones MAKING the change. And I’m not talking about people trying to go to the games. I’m talking about people trying to beat who the were yesterday. It’s all mentality, mindset. What is yours? I get it! You just don’t wanna be that serious about it….then just don’t be that serious about your results either. For real y’all. They coincide unfortunately. I’m in here enough to know. Trust me, I have a fake hip and  I’m not ever going to be as good as I could have been. I can relate to excuses BUT I’m still trying to beat myself daily because I’m trying to be the best me I can be. Let me restate. I am trying to kick my ass daily, and destroy who I was, grow into a man I’ve never been before. I embrace how weak I am and understand the pain I need to go through to become as strong as I am capable of. I’m not trying to be average. I ain’t even trying to talk average. You either get better or get worse. You don’t stay the same. Decide which direction you are going in today, then embrace your path. Realize you are in control and no one else. Embrace your journey as it unfolds good or bad and decide what kind of person you want to be. How you do anything is how your everything. It’s that simple. 


Been a great day, great year, great 30 years for myself. Not really one to get excited for any day over another. It’s just not in my nature- but turning 30 did feel something different. I am blessed to have the amount of gratitude I have been shown over the last year . My new hip has bred new life in me as I wholeheartedly feel re-born in this moment. I get request frequently about rejuvenating my blog post and the reason I don’t. Truth is whenever I feel like talking and speaking my mind- I know I will. As I sit here looking over the social media activity this evening -it is not hard to see that this is not a normal social media night. I can’t stand the audacity some of you have to speak your mind when your mind is so weak. And I know in a lot of ways this same concept applies even to the situation that is at hand. I’m not here to push my opinion on you. I would never have the audacity to talk about those types of things unless that was my platform. Point is nothing will get solved if people keep taking sides. That’s the problem with our government. That’s the problem with your post. All of them. It’s not your place to beat your chest one way or the other when you don’t have shit to do with any of it. Instead look at the bigger picture and what you can actually control. Mindset is everything In life. If your mind has no stability then neither does your thought process. Ignorance is rapidly being spread throughout our society- do you contribute to it?


So don’t anymore. Quit talking about what’s wrong because you aren’t doing anything to fix it. Because you can’t. Because none of us here can. Because it’s not our problem.
Raise your mind. Reach higher. Elevate your beliefs—-but don’t belittle others. You can’t change what you can’t change. What you can change is you.

give more,expect less

Short and Sweet. Trials and Tribulations are what you make of them. You can’t deal with struggle any different than you know how to, but you can dictate your ability to love other people. It’s easy to get rundown and accept a mediocre life when life keeps beating you up. I’ve been there, as of very recent. But people, good people have pulled my spirits up through Gods work. Through the act of giving- I have been given a a greater perspective for my life as I come near 30 years of age. To all the people who have donated 🙌
Thank you from the bottom of my full heart. I am overwhelmed from your generosity. Now something seems possible to me that seemed impossible just weeks ago. You can probably say a lot of things about me- but one thing you can’t say- is that I don’t have great friends and family in my life. So if you feel the same way…if you are blessed with a good support system…
Then realize that.
Then realize that you have the opportunity everyday to be the support you are blessed with, for the ones around you. Then stop making excuses. Start making progress…and when life has you beat up- you keep fighting for them. It is Gods will. Be alive today.


So I haven’t touched this in a while. Adversity will cause stress- and it hasn’t been a coward towards me as of late. My hip ain’t right. At some time in the nearer range of my future I will need a hip replacement. But it’s all good. I know that. I know because i’ve faced adversity before. Hell i face it in other ways right now. But most importantly i know because that is how I’m going to play my character. Character is the number one priority of every smart person. Read that again. Ok. And I’m happy with who I am. I’m happy with what our gym represents and the value it creates for our community. I’m confident in the discipline of our routines, movement preparation, programming, and coaching. I’m solid with what we have created and built from the ground up. We started from the bottom now we’re here.
And I’m happy here.
From Boyde cleaning the gym with purpose,
to watching so many people move efficiently consistently,
to A Cracked Almond being the talk of the crowd with their wonderful food,
to my good friends who are now coaches invested in changing life and doing it the right way in Willis, Hville, and Lake Conroe,
to the bear in the box, stain on the platforms, quotes on the wall,
to the music that nobody likes but everybody loves, to hard work,
to Oly Lifts,
And now to the dog with no name….
It’s all character.
And I don’t know one place that has more.

punch adversity in the face

Right now adversity is punching me in the face. The past few months have been trying- hence the lack of blog post I have produced. Zero to be exact. I have learned just recently that I have a disease of the hip known as avascular necrosis. To many people it may be more recognizably called Bo Jackson disease. The top of my femur head is dying though lack of blood flow stemming from a dislocation I encountered some 5 years ago in a car wreck. So to be blunt- CROSSFIT DID NOT CAUSE MY INJURY- IT SIMPLY EXPOSED it! But as of now I can barely function. I can not squat. I can not snatch. I can not CrossFit. I can not even demo movement as I coach a class. I’m not going to lie- it has mentally messed up my whole world. I feel useless and diminished of my role in the community as a coach who can not perform the movements I preach and sell on a daily basis. It has been hard on me to put forth my best effort. It has been difficult for me to be happy and it has been harder than ever before for me to help others when I feel like I can not help myself. This is selfish and I know it. God has opened my eyes and through his will I am beginning to see the situation in a different light. It’s not about me. It is not about my success. I still have the ability to help others and for that I am grateful. I am in a position to make even more of an impact than I ever have before. I plan on making the most of it. I plan on punching adversity in the face. The way I look at it I’m redlined in workout -that has the best of me. I can shut down and quit or I can suck it up and push forward. Life goes on either way- so the decision to do the same is easy. What a waste it would be to not do otherwise.
I won’t quit. I was taught better. I have a surgery scheduled in 2 days. I have weighed all my options and decided to go with a procedure that hopefully will allow me to function in the near future. I will have a material injected into the holes and cracks of my femur head. This material is extremely expensive so I hope this means it is superhuman or something. We will see BUT either way no matter the outcome I have too much respect to quit. Life doesn’t quit. So this is my spill on LIFE piece. If you don’t have something that sets your soul on fire then you aren’t living full tilt. My soul was first truly set on fire is high school. First by baseball and secondly with more lasting impression, football. Baseball led to a stronger sense of camaraderie in my life and football taught me how to be a man. Both taught me how to be successful. My parents taught me to love. My grandparents taught me how to live for others. My brothers- that I am lucky enough to call my friends have taught me companionship. My brother by blood has taught me how to be a brother. But no matter how much you learn- you never learn it all.
Now I sit here at 28 and I am learning more every breath I take. With every fiber of my being I live to CrossFit and to teach CrossFit to as many individuals as I can. I learn how people move, think, act and react. I witness different characters and character being displayed on a day to day basis. I see people who cheat their reps all the time. I’m not confused. It’s actually quite obvious. I do know that no matter how well some people count, they all work harder(at that one moment) than they ever do at any other point in their life. It’s fun to watch. Right song, right workout, right effort and it equals into quite the performance. Its watching adversity punch someone in the face. I’ve seen people shutting it down early from time to time. Succumbing to the pain of the workout- that everyone else is enduring. All I can do is shake my head. I see people who refuse to give up and who change because if it. Every workout grows them stronger. The definition of your character lies in how you handle adverse conditions. If you quit on a workout in the gym then you are a real life quitter. You will always take the easy road out IF you ever take the easy road out.So next time you don’t get any sympathy from me in the gym- realize why. At least you can work out! Never take advantage of your ability to move. You never know when you might lose it- temporarily or permanently…

Once upon a time

Not everyone can do CrossFit. Anyone who wants to can though. It really can be modified to anyone. We’ve done it with an 84 year old named Boyde Fritz. I’ll talk about him personally later, but as a client he is remarkable. I met Boyde Fritz as a personal trainer working at the very globo, fail at fitness, golden gym in Conroe. I charged him the rate of $35 per 30 minute sessions. Then he followed my advice ( sale) forced upon me by my sales manager to my clients to purchase a reoccurring personal training package that charges per month. This is rape. This is why I hate globo gyms. But this was my income. It was BC I became good at selling that Boyde Fritz became my client. He followed me to 3 other different training situations at other gyms and at times at his house. he remained loyal and I began to cut his rates because I knew he was living off of a retirement check month to month. He had trouble with movements in general. To be exact, all movement. Any of my steady dependable golds gym stability ball exercises challenged him beyond his capabilities. He was limited to machines. The kind, you know, with the pictures showing you how to use it. The ones you have done wrong before, at some point or time. This is why most people need a coach. Boyde wanted to lose weight, but he wasn’t. He just wasn’t getting enough movement to overcome his slow metabolism at such an old age. You lose 1/2 lb to a pound of muscle every year after the age of 25 or so. Your body stops burning less. You gain more weight. Happens with most old people. Yet none of them really work out. They spend their money else where. At dr’s offices, medical bills, pharmacies, so on and so forth. Back to the point, Boyde needed a different kind of fitness. He needed to move more! I realized this as a trainer at a locally owned micro managed globo gym knockoff called D4 fitness in Montgomery. I was in charge of the place, which had the ability to become successful. As successful as a micro managed machine gym can be anyways. But not just Boyde needed another version of fitness. Everyone i met with did. I was living a lie. Selling something I didn’t believe in. I couldn’t live with myself doing that. Especially to someone like Boyde. So life does what it does and twist and turned. It twisted me right into CrossFit. Turned me onto functional fitness. But how can an 84 year old man do CrossFit? He has to want to. There has to be a will. Where there is a will- there is a way. So cliche it should almost go without being said. Yet most people don’t get it. With CrossFit you are paying for the adversity. The physical and mental adversity that your life lacks. Define your purpose. What is it you are doing everyday? The day to day motions you endure become easier. Life has more meaning when you feel accomplished. Not many people accomplish what we accomplish in our gym everyday. Not many 84 year olds live the life Boyde Fritz lives. I have the best job in the world. I benefit as a person more from my job than I ever thought possible from a job. If you can call it a job. I’m too honored with the responsibility I have as a coach to ever call it a job. It is my privilege. A privilege that at times stresses me out. I never want our value in fitness to drop. I am constantly on quality control. Somewhat of a perfectionist, I just don’t want to let anyone down. Boyde keeps me level. I often wonder when with Boyde, who is training who? I need his energy just as he needs mine. He gives me advice from his end and i give him advice in my end. This is what friends do. We both share the same purpose. BUT Boyde is just an example. One person in a family. A family built around life improvement. A group of people willing to sacrifice knowing that it will benefit them. They get it. They see the value. It sells itself. I don’t ever want to sell CrossFit. I want to share it with as many people I possibly can. We want to move people. Physically and mentally we move people. Whenever those two things happen together an emotional response is stimulated. I get to witness it everyday. Like my boy Justin Ellis said in his blog- mind, body and soul are all connected. CrossFit is a great way to connect all three. It’s not about counting calories and isolating body parts. It’s about moving-Doing work. When you work good things happen as opposed to when you are lazy and bad things happen. Simple. Such as life should be.

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Dose of reality for you.

Sit back for a second and think about yourself. Reflect on you priorities. Then take in what I’m about to say, and take it to heart.

I bet you drive. Duh. I bet you have a vehicle. Uh, duh. I bet you pay something for that vehicle every month. How much is that number? What is the value of your vehicle? Now take that number….and think about if you would pay that much money a month to work out, and eat right, and to keep your spine straight, to maintain your mobility. Then ask yourself how much you spend a month on any of those things. It probably pales in comparison to the value you put in your vehicle. IF a value of self improvement even exist at all. But so often i hear CrossFit, Healthy food, chiropractic care, and massage therapy labeled as luxuries. It makes me cringe. I do realize you have to drive, and you have to do this and your have to do that. A vehicle is a priority. Duh. Shouldn’t your body be a priority as well? Shouldn’t your health be a priority? Duh and Duh. BUT WHEN do you improve the quality of your life? A lot of people couldn’t tell you. I can.

You have to improve your quality of life now…Otherwise you aren’t. Hear me out. No one ever stays the same. You’re either winning or you are losing the way i look at it. You take care of your vehicle. Oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks and obviously you put gas in the thing. When has you body received such maintenance ? What kind of fuel are you putting in your body? When have you had your spine aligned? What if I told you that your longevity depends on the straightness of your spine. What if I told you you’re tired because you aren’t properly fueling your body. What if i told you the reason you don’t like your body is pure laziness.Honestly-How can you complain…when you are the reason it is what it is? You are a direct reflection of what you put into it and the work you do on a day to day basis. And then there are the excuses. I have heard them all. Just bad genetic composition, right? Wrong. I don’t buy that for a minute. You don’t have time. Then how do I?Your kids keep you busy? Set a better example. You place no emphasis on fitness and you are the single most important role model in their life. Everyone wants to take the shortcut. Fat burners, fad diets, crash fitness, body wraps, surgeries are all examples. Humor me no further. You can’t put a band-aid on an open wound. You need a dose of reality.

The reality of the situation can be cruel. If I’m coming across as rude, than maybe you are insecure about the way you look and feel. Look at yourself in the mirror first and foremost. I’m not saying it is easy. I’m not saying CrossFit is the perfect solution for everyone. I’m not saying the things I am to demean you. I’m just being real. So many people are so quick to feel sorry for themselves. I live this everyday. This is through the eyes of someone who makes a living off this stuff. Im simply asking you to look at your priorities from a different angle. Then I’m asking you to come try CrossFit. It’s not for everybody. Lazy people need not apply. But if this resonates with you, then realize you have the ability to do something about it. Everyday is an opportunity to better yourself and the ones around you and isn’t that what our objective in life is anyways? To become a better YOU.Duh. Start tomorrow. Or make an excuse. The choice is always yours. You are in control of your life and if you aren’t – then change that. You only get one shot at this thing. Are you giving it your best shot? Think about that. Think about it long and hard.

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If you don’t get it yet, CrossFit changes you


First off let me start of by saying that happiness is a choice. No one is holding a gun to your head making you feel bad about yourself. You must find the things in life that you enjoy and immerse yourself in them.
Term- “things”
Definition- what creates value for YOU.
Truly. If you aren’t the best you can be then how can you ever make the ones around you better. What is your purpose? If your life lacks true defined passion then you aren’t ALIVE.

I grew up in sports. My life was sports. And shortly after high school my life lacked any sport. My life was lacking because of it. So I occupied my time. I occupied my mind. I occupied my soul. I got by. Then I met CrossFit.

You see there is a difference between being happy with who you are…..and being absolutely stoked about WHO you are. I feel there are more people living the former than the latter. You might be one of those people! The thing I enjoyed most about sports was the TEAM environment. Being a part of something bigger than me. The camaraderie. The relationships that form through adversity and never end because of it. I didn’t know it at the time-but looking back I was seeking definition. I was looking to define myself but didn’t know where to turn.
The easiest thing for me to do was to find a team I could compete with again.
I knew of Crossfit… was scared of it. Tried to play it off like I was better off…then i saw my first competition. Realized CrossFit was brilliant. Told everyone i could about it ….but never did it. I was stuck being a boring globo gym personal trainer. I knew this model of globo gym fitness was flawed. I had been an athlete. Athletes don’t use machines. Athletes compete. I got fed up. I met this guy and that guy and this guy and that guy. Then I met Daniel Brown. Then CrossFit Conroe was formed. Then my life changed when our community was formed. The picture speaks for itself. If you want to be better- lets face it… Who doesn’t? Really- like ….who doesn’t?
If you don’t get it yet…(I feel for you)
CrossFit changes you. You earn a right to feel above average because you do more than the average person. WAY more. And the crazy thing is… Anyone can do it. Literally. Anyone. Shocker…………………………………………. It’s called do more badass things than most people. We call it CrossFit. And we’re good at it.

All you have to do is start. To allow yourself to change. To let go of your fears and trust that this change is good. You have to look at the bigger picture. Where is your life going? Most importantly- physically. Then mentally and socially, since it seems to be those two things are connected. All I have met so far is good people. Good solid people. People who want to work. Who want to work together for one commonality. Becoming better. Period. Is it a cult? Ugh…..does a bear shit in the woods? Of course it is. A cult built around fitness.Horrible.Insane.Idiots! AND WE WANT YOU
Seriously, we do. We want to share what we have going on. We are passionate about it. Why? Because we feel Alive.

I don’t think a fitness cult……..is too bad of a thing…… when we are stuck in the middle of an obesity epidemic….Because of poor nutrition…..And lack of exercise. Ugh-Why isn’t this in schools?Don’t even get me started…

So if you want to get better-then follow this blog. It’s not mine. It’s yours. It will be full of my advice- but people pay money for it. Again, it’s my job to determine that value through my effort.
I just want to make people better. Seriously. That’s it. You can’t put a monetary value on that. I’ll leave you with a piece that was left for me from a wise old man.”Never stop being alive. Be ALIVE. Because if you aren’t living. What are you doing?”

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What to eat?

Very Informative post for all CrossFit Conroe members created by Justin Ellis


I am on the run a lot and don’t have the time I would like to, to cook.(Not very good at it anyway) So I have figured out how to stay close to the paleo diet while on the go and enjoy it! Here are a couple local spots I like to stop by:

1. Chipolte Menu Link– They specialize in burritos but instead of the tortilla get the salad bowl. I then get double meat, extra vegetables, pico-de gallo, and maybe some guacamole. Perfect clean eating meal. Now to change it up sometimes I add a minimal amount of maybe rice, black beans, or corn none of which is Paleo. Avg. Cost about $8-$11

2. Free Birds FreeBirds Link– Very similar to Chipolte but I think they have a couple more options. Again instead of the burritos I get the “Freedom Salad” no rice, no beans, no…

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