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Been a great day, great year, great 30 years for myself. Not really one to get excited for any day over another. It’s just not in my nature- but turning 30 did feel something different. I am blessed to have the amount of gratitude I have been shown over the last year . My new hip has bred new life in me as I wholeheartedly feel re-born in this moment. I get request frequently about rejuvenating my blog post and the reason I don’t. Truth is whenever I feel like talking and speaking my mind- I know I will. As I sit here looking over the social media activity this evening -it is not hard to see that this is not a normal social media night. I can’t stand the audacity some of you have to speak your mind when your mind is so weak. And I know in a lot of ways this same concept applies even to the situation that is at hand. I’m not here to push my opinion on you. I would never have the audacity to talk about those types of things unless that was my platform. Point is nothing will get solved if people keep taking sides. That’s the problem with our government. That’s the problem with your post. All of them. It’s not your place to beat your chest one way or the other when you don’t have shit to do with any of it. Instead look at the bigger picture and what you can actually control. Mindset is everything In life. If your mind has no stability then neither does your thought process. Ignorance is rapidly being spread throughout our society- do you contribute to it?


So don’t anymore. Quit talking about what’s wrong because you aren’t doing anything to fix it. Because you can’t. Because none of us here can. Because it’s not our problem.
Raise your mind. Reach higher. Elevate your beliefs—-but don’t belittle others. You can’t change what you can’t change. What you can change is you.

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