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If you don’t get it yet, CrossFit changes you


First off let me start of by saying that happiness is a choice. No one is holding a gun to your head making you feel bad about yourself. You must find the things in life that you enjoy and immerse yourself in them.
Term- “things”
Definition- what creates value for YOU.
Truly. If you aren’t the best you can be then how can you ever make the ones around you better. What is your purpose? If your life lacks true defined passion then you aren’t ALIVE.

I grew up in sports. My life was sports. And shortly after high school my life lacked any sport. My life was lacking because of it. So I occupied my time. I occupied my mind. I occupied my soul. I got by. Then I met CrossFit.

You see there is a difference between being happy with who you are…..and being absolutely stoked about WHO you are. I feel there are more people living the former than the latter. You might be one of those people! The thing I enjoyed most about sports was the TEAM environment. Being a part of something bigger than me. The camaraderie. The relationships that form through adversity and never end because of it. I didn’t know it at the time-but looking back I was seeking definition. I was looking to define myself but didn’t know where to turn.
The easiest thing for me to do was to find a team I could compete with again.
I knew of Crossfit… was scared of it. Tried to play it off like I was better off…then i saw my first competition. Realized CrossFit was brilliant. Told everyone i could about it ….but never did it. I was stuck being a boring globo gym personal trainer. I knew this model of globo gym fitness was flawed. I had been an athlete. Athletes don’t use machines. Athletes compete. I got fed up. I met this guy and that guy and this guy and that guy. Then I met Daniel Brown. Then CrossFit Conroe was formed. Then my life changed when our community was formed. The picture speaks for itself. If you want to be better- lets face it… Who doesn’t? Really- like ….who doesn’t?
If you don’t get it yet…(I feel for you)
CrossFit changes you. You earn a right to feel above average because you do more than the average person. WAY more. And the crazy thing is… Anyone can do it. Literally. Anyone. Shocker…………………………………………. It’s called do more badass things than most people. We call it CrossFit. And we’re good at it.

All you have to do is start. To allow yourself to change. To let go of your fears and trust that this change is good. You have to look at the bigger picture. Where is your life going? Most importantly- physically. Then mentally and socially, since it seems to be those two things are connected. All I have met so far is good people. Good solid people. People who want to work. Who want to work together for one commonality. Becoming better. Period. Is it a cult? Ugh…..does a bear shit in the woods? Of course it is. A cult built around fitness.Horrible.Insane.Idiots! AND WE WANT YOU
Seriously, we do. We want to share what we have going on. We are passionate about it. Why? Because we feel Alive.

I don’t think a fitness cult……..is too bad of a thing…… when we are stuck in the middle of an obesity epidemic….Because of poor nutrition…..And lack of exercise. Ugh-Why isn’t this in schools?Don’t even get me started…

So if you want to get better-then follow this blog. It’s not mine. It’s yours. It will be full of my advice- but people pay money for it. Again, it’s my job to determine that value through my effort.
I just want to make people better. Seriously. That’s it. You can’t put a monetary value on that. I’ll leave you with a piece that was left for me from a wise old man.”Never stop being alive. Be ALIVE. Because if you aren’t living. What are you doing?”

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