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punch adversity in the face

Right now adversity is punching me in the face. The past few months have been trying- hence the lack of blog post I have produced. Zero to be exact. I have learned just recently that I have a disease of the hip known as avascular necrosis. To many people it may be more recognizably called Bo Jackson disease. The top of my femur head is dying though lack of blood flow stemming from a dislocation I encountered some 5 years ago in a car wreck. So to be blunt- CROSSFIT DID NOT CAUSE MY INJURY- IT SIMPLY EXPOSED it! But as of now I can barely function. I can not squat. I can not snatch. I can not CrossFit. I can not even demo movement as I coach a class. I’m not going to lie- it has mentally messed up my whole world. I feel useless and diminished of my role in the community as a coach who can not perform the movements I preach and sell on a daily basis. It has been hard on me to put forth my best effort. It has been difficult for me to be happy and it has been harder than ever before for me to help others when I feel like I can not help myself. This is selfish and I know it. God has opened my eyes and through his will I am beginning to see the situation in a different light. It’s not about me. It is not about my success. I still have the ability to help others and for that I am grateful. I am in a position to make even more of an impact than I ever have before. I plan on making the most of it. I plan on punching adversity in the face. The way I look at it I’m redlined in workout -that has the best of me. I can shut down and quit or I can suck it up and push forward. Life goes on either way- so the decision to do the same is easy. What a waste it would be to not do otherwise.
I won’t quit. I was taught better. I have a surgery scheduled in 2 days. I have weighed all my options and decided to go with a procedure that hopefully will allow me to function in the near future. I will have a material injected into the holes and cracks of my femur head. This material is extremely expensive so I hope this means it is superhuman or something. We will see BUT either way no matter the outcome I have too much respect to quit. Life doesn’t quit. So this is my spill on LIFE piece. If you don’t have something that sets your soul on fire then you aren’t living full tilt. My soul was first truly set on fire is high school. First by baseball and secondly with more lasting impression, football. Baseball led to a stronger sense of camaraderie in my life and football taught me how to be a man. Both taught me how to be successful. My parents taught me to love. My grandparents taught me how to live for others. My brothers- that I am lucky enough to call my friends have taught me companionship. My brother by blood has taught me how to be a brother. But no matter how much you learn- you never learn it all.
Now I sit here at 28 and I am learning more every breath I take. With every fiber of my being I live to CrossFit and to teach CrossFit to as many individuals as I can. I learn how people move, think, act and react. I witness different characters and character being displayed on a day to day basis. I see people who cheat their reps all the time. I’m not confused. It’s actually quite obvious. I do know that no matter how well some people count, they all work harder(at that one moment) than they ever do at any other point in their life. It’s fun to watch. Right song, right workout, right effort and it equals into quite the performance. Its watching adversity punch someone in the face. I’ve seen people shutting it down early from time to time. Succumbing to the pain of the workout- that everyone else is enduring. All I can do is shake my head. I see people who refuse to give up and who change because if it. Every workout grows them stronger. The definition of your character lies in how you handle adverse conditions. If you quit on a workout in the gym then you are a real life quitter. You will always take the easy road out IF you ever take the easy road out.So next time you don’t get any sympathy from me in the gym- realize why. At least you can work out! Never take advantage of your ability to move. You never know when you might lose it- temporarily or permanently…

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