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Once upon a time

Not everyone can do CrossFit. Anyone who wants to can though. It really can be modified to anyone. We’ve done it with an 84 year old named Boyde Fritz. I’ll talk about him personally later, but as a client he is remarkable. I met Boyde Fritz as a personal trainer working at the very globo, fail at fitness, golden gym in Conroe. I charged him the rate of $35 per 30 minute sessions. Then he followed my advice ( sale) forced upon me by my sales manager to my clients to purchase a reoccurring personal training package that charges per month. This is rape. This is why I hate globo gyms. But this was my income. It was BC I became good at selling that Boyde Fritz became my client. He followed me to 3 other different training situations at other gyms and at times at his house. he remained loyal and I began to cut his rates because I knew he was living off of a retirement check month to month. He had trouble with movements in general. To be exact, all movement. Any of my steady dependable golds gym stability ball exercises challenged him beyond his capabilities. He was limited to machines. The kind, you know, with the pictures showing you how to use it. The ones you have done wrong before, at some point or time. This is why most people need a coach. Boyde wanted to lose weight, but he wasn’t. He just wasn’t getting enough movement to overcome his slow metabolism at such an old age. You lose 1/2 lb to a pound of muscle every year after the age of 25 or so. Your body stops burning less. You gain more weight. Happens with most old people. Yet none of them really work out. They spend their money else where. At dr’s offices, medical bills, pharmacies, so on and so forth. Back to the point, Boyde needed a different kind of fitness. He needed to move more! I realized this as a trainer at a locally owned micro managed globo gym knockoff called D4 fitness in Montgomery. I was in charge of the place, which had the ability to become successful. As successful as a micro managed machine gym can be anyways. But not just Boyde needed another version of fitness. Everyone i met with did. I was living a lie. Selling something I didn’t believe in. I couldn’t live with myself doing that. Especially to someone like Boyde. So life does what it does and twist and turned. It twisted me right into CrossFit. Turned me onto functional fitness. But how can an 84 year old man do CrossFit? He has to want to. There has to be a will. Where there is a will- there is a way. So cliche it should almost go without being said. Yet most people don’t get it. With CrossFit you are paying for the adversity. The physical and mental adversity that your life lacks. Define your purpose. What is it you are doing everyday? The day to day motions you endure become easier. Life has more meaning when you feel accomplished. Not many people accomplish what we accomplish in our gym everyday. Not many 84 year olds live the life Boyde Fritz lives. I have the best job in the world. I benefit as a person more from my job than I ever thought possible from a job. If you can call it a job. I’m too honored with the responsibility I have as a coach to ever call it a job. It is my privilege. A privilege that at times stresses me out. I never want our value in fitness to drop. I am constantly on quality control. Somewhat of a perfectionist, I just don’t want to let anyone down. Boyde keeps me level. I often wonder when with Boyde, who is training who? I need his energy just as he needs mine. He gives me advice from his end and i give him advice in my end. This is what friends do. We both share the same purpose. BUT Boyde is just an example. One person in a family. A family built around life improvement. A group of people willing to sacrifice knowing that it will benefit them. They get it. They see the value. It sells itself. I don’t ever want to sell CrossFit. I want to share it with as many people I possibly can. We want to move people. Physically and mentally we move people. Whenever those two things happen together an emotional response is stimulated. I get to witness it everyday. Like my boy Justin Ellis said in his blog- mind, body and soul are all connected. CrossFit is a great way to connect all three. It’s not about counting calories and isolating body parts. It’s about moving-Doing work. When you work good things happen as opposed to when you are lazy and bad things happen. Simple. Such as life should be.

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Dose of reality for you.

Sit back for a second and think about yourself. Reflect on you priorities. Then take in what I’m about to say, and take it to heart.

I bet you drive. Duh. I bet you have a vehicle. Uh, duh. I bet you pay something for that vehicle every month. How much is that number? What is the value of your vehicle? Now take that number….and think about if you would pay that much money a month to work out, and eat right, and to keep your spine straight, to maintain your mobility. Then ask yourself how much you spend a month on any of those things. It probably pales in comparison to the value you put in your vehicle. IF a value of self improvement even exist at all. But so often i hear CrossFit, Healthy food, chiropractic care, and massage therapy labeled as luxuries. It makes me cringe. I do realize you have to drive, and you have to do this and your have to do that. A vehicle is a priority. Duh. Shouldn’t your body be a priority as well? Shouldn’t your health be a priority? Duh and Duh. BUT WHEN do you improve the quality of your life? A lot of people couldn’t tell you. I can.

You have to improve your quality of life now…Otherwise you aren’t. Hear me out. No one ever stays the same. You’re either winning or you are losing the way i look at it. You take care of your vehicle. Oil changes, tire rotations, brake checks and obviously you put gas in the thing. When has you body received such maintenance ? What kind of fuel are you putting in your body? When have you had your spine aligned? What if I told you that your longevity depends on the straightness of your spine. What if I told you you’re tired because you aren’t properly fueling your body. What if i told you the reason you don’t like your body is pure laziness.Honestly-How can you complain…when you are the reason it is what it is? You are a direct reflection of what you put into it and the work you do on a day to day basis. And then there are the excuses. I have heard them all. Just bad genetic composition, right? Wrong. I don’t buy that for a minute. You don’t have time. Then how do I?Your kids keep you busy? Set a better example. You place no emphasis on fitness and you are the single most important role model in their life. Everyone wants to take the shortcut. Fat burners, fad diets, crash fitness, body wraps, surgeries are all examples. Humor me no further. You can’t put a band-aid on an open wound. You need a dose of reality.

The reality of the situation can be cruel. If I’m coming across as rude, than maybe you are insecure about the way you look and feel. Look at yourself in the mirror first and foremost. I’m not saying it is easy. I’m not saying CrossFit is the perfect solution for everyone. I’m not saying the things I am to demean you. I’m just being real. So many people are so quick to feel sorry for themselves. I live this everyday. This is through the eyes of someone who makes a living off this stuff. Im simply asking you to look at your priorities from a different angle. Then I’m asking you to come try CrossFit. It’s not for everybody. Lazy people need not apply. But if this resonates with you, then realize you have the ability to do something about it. Everyday is an opportunity to better yourself and the ones around you and isn’t that what our objective in life is anyways? To become a better YOU.Duh. Start tomorrow. Or make an excuse. The choice is always yours. You are in control of your life and if you aren’t – then change that. You only get one shot at this thing. Are you giving it your best shot? Think about that. Think about it long and hard.

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