give more,expect less

Short and Sweet. Trials and Tribulations are what you make of them. You can’t deal with struggle any different than you know how to, but you can dictate your ability to love other people. It’s easy to get rundown and accept a mediocre life when life keeps beating you up. I’ve been there, as of very recent. But people, good people have pulled my spirits up through Gods work. Through the act of giving- I have been given a a greater perspective for my life as I come near 30 years of age. To all the people who have donated 🙌
Thank you from the bottom of my full heart. I am overwhelmed from your generosity. Now something seems possible to me that seemed impossible just weeks ago. You can probably say a lot of things about me- but one thing you can’t say- is that I don’t have great friends and family in my life. So if you feel the same way…if you are blessed with a good support system…
Then realize that.
Then realize that you have the opportunity everyday to be the support you are blessed with, for the ones around you. Then stop making excuses. Start making progress…and when life has you beat up- you keep fighting for them. It is Gods will. Be alive today.

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